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Expanding Consciousness - Fine Art Print

Each print is signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Print is a high quality detailed scan of origninal artwork - Looks exactly like the original.


Free Shipping Worldwide.


Please allow two weeks for preparation before shipping and then normal delivery times apply.


These thinkings; both ancient and modern, have all impacted me greatly. You’ll find that one podcast or one book can invite you down a rabbit hole of learning, self discovery and growth. Each somehow linking to the previous and adding value to your ever growing mind. For quite some time I’ve been fascinated by these people and their work, each one teaching me and expanding the way I see the world. I think it’s really important for men to have positive influences in their masculinity and life along the way and I can say with confidence that these thinkers have influenced me. To think it all started with a Joe Rogan podcast sparking something in me, now I’m continually learning and seeking understanding from so many of the greats.


Pictured above: Anthony Bourdain, Jocko Willink, Jordan Peterson, David Goggins, Russell Brand, Aubrey Marcus, Nikola Tesla, Lex Fridman, Ronnie Coleman, Ram Dass, Steve-O, Paul Stamets, Steven Pressfield, Friedrich Nietzsche, Hunter S. Thomson (Fear and Loathing in Las Vagas), Arthur Schopenhauer, Marcus Aurelius, Tim Ferris, Cameron Hanes, Graham Hancock, Andrew D. Huberman, Mile Tyson, George Orwell, Duncan Trussell.


Expanding Consciousness - Fine Art Print

  • 340 x 360 mm, 13.5 x 14 in


  • Shipped inside a mailing tube which is made of rigid fibreboard to prevent crushing and bending and plastic caps securely seal both ends.

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